Forstner Komfit 'JB' Bands - The Ultimate Speedy Bracelet

The bracelet has all the charm of the original, but it has been improved in several important respects. 


First, the band now fits the Omega Speedmaster Professional (the watch with which the astronauts commonly paired this bracelet) without a "gap" between the end link and the watch lugs. 


Second, the band is slightly wider at 16mm vs. 15mm in the prior version, to accommodate the wider end piece.  


Third, the band fits more securely -- whereas the clasp of the vintage versions had a tendency to "slip," the clasp of the re-release has been improved to avoid this problem.   


There are two sizes: 

  • "Original," which fits wrists starting at approximately 6.8 inches in circumference when worn on a Speedmaster Professional; and
  • "Short," which fits wrists starting at approximately 5.8 inches in circumference when fitted on the same watch.


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